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The Hipstapatch Story

Hipstapatch™ was born out of a teenager's love for fashion and creativity. An aspiring photographer with a fresh perspective, Amanda Glass thought of the idea of peel-and-stick patches to decorate her shoes. Quickly realizing that shoes were only one of the many surfaces for her patches, she designed Hipstapatch™ - the first of its kind, mini hand-drawn patches with an adhesive backing that can be placed just about anywhere to customize any style! So far, Hipstapatches™ have been seen on shoes, cell phone cases, laptops, backpacks, cameras, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, hats, suitcases, skateboards, bikes... the possibilities are endless!

Hipstapatch™ is a family-owned company that combines Amanda's unique talents. She hand-draws each patch design, creates and photographs the marketing campaigns, and helps develop our go-to-market strategy. Her mom, Erika, provides the operational expertise, developing the manufacturing supply chain to help bring the ideas to life, and ultimately to market. Together, Amanda and Erika have forged and nurtured a wonderful mother-daughter business team.

Amanda has brought to life a dream that just a short time ago seemed impossible for a 17 year old. Today, Amanda and Erika spend every free moment working to make Hipstapatch™ bigger and better.  They cannot wait to see what the future will bring!